A False History - A.K. Alliss

Best thing in this job is to meet and get to know amazing people.

This photoshoot was for an author, who recently published his first novel. It was so exciting and interesting to be a part of this process. He has done huge job to put his story on paper, releaving it to the public and putting himself out there. My job was capture this talented man behind the novel in honest and genuine way. Without reading the book before hand, location, bang in middle of the city, turned out to support the story and atmosphere of the book.

I have always admire people who know how to write. I never been blessed with that skill, or just been too lazy to improve myself. But every now and then it's good to drag yourself away from your comfort zone. It can be surprising and eye-opening experience.

So excited for this man and can't wait to see how his career as an author continues. I wish him best of luck.