I have been back in Finland for a while now. Actually it is over two weeks already, but it does feel less than that. Home land has kept me busy.

Those two weeks have been full of celebration. Seeing all my loved ones, family and friends. Also been honored to capture a beautiful wedding of my dearest friend and a graduation party of this lovely girl.

End of May is big time for graduated students in Finland.  I have had opportunity spend most of my evening photoshooting their portraits in Finnish nature, which is full of different shades of green  Didn't remember how amazing it is to have enough beatuiful daylight to shoot way after nine pm, can you imagine? I have been blown away! Also not been sleeping many hours.

This graduated girl proudly said: "Finally!" With big smile on her face. She did it, got through final exams, graduated and received the precious white hat, like other Finnish youngs this time of the year. Between studies, for a one year, she has seen world and experienced amazing Australia. Graduation delayed a bit, but beacuse of very good reason, I reckon.

Been absolutely pleasure to be a part of these moments of Joy. Luckily there is more celebrations coming up near in the future. And what is the best, bright, green Finnish summer!