This photoshoot with stunning Sherry feels like it happened just few weeks ago. Actually these photos were taken just day before I was getting on the plane and my time in Finland was about to start. Which was ummmm... almost three months ago! Today I'm able to say, I return home in six weeks. So next month! Summer in Finland has gone way too fast. Time flies when you have fun, right.

Despite how much fun I have had here, these photos reminds me about Perth and how much I'm missing the city already. But I have to put those homesick thoughts away, I'm not quite ready to leave Finland yet. Still have few exciting jobs to do and big bunch of important people to spend time with.

Looking forward to go back and work with all inspiring people, as lovely and bright as Sherry. We had very good session in the morning light, right in middle of Perth CBD. Air was a bit crispy, winter was just behind the corner. Sherry was tough, she handled the cold extremely well! I'm glad we made this shoot happen before I flew out and she started her exciting journey.