Autumn, Finnish forests, a moss blanket and deer flies

During my four months in Finland I did lots of photoshoots of my own but I also worked for Kosken Kuvaamo, studio, where I used to work for many years before moving to Perth. It felt good to be back in that same and familiar work, felt like nothing has changed. We work together very well with my ex boss because we have so long and good history together. 

This photoshoot below is one of the shoots I did for Kosken Kuvaamo. This couple picked out the location themselves, and they did very well choosing this unique spot! There is looots of forest in Finland but this one was very specially. Especially the colour of moss and how it was untouched. Well, until we got there. 

Mood was great and relaxed, summer was turning into autumn but it was still warm enough. Only small problem was those flying nasties, deer flies. If someone doesn't know, these bastards crawl in your hair and drop their wings, a bit gross! I even found one in my scarf next morning when I was heading to another shoot! But being used to nature and all outdoor activities, this amazing couple were tough and didn't let these little flies disturb! I had so much fun with these two!

Now I have left Finland and come home, which is pretty exciting. I'm focusing for this upcoming season and preparing myself for the next summer. Actually I had a first swim in the ocean last Monday. No sharks spotted!

All Your Gold

August is my favourite month of the year in Finland. There something sad about it, summer is ending. But yet so beautiful at the same time, it's like warm hug and gentle kiss goodbye. Soft light, faded colours and warm evenings. Perfect for the photoshoot.

This wedding photoshoot supposed to be on the day couple was getting married. Forecast for that day was a little bit unsure. So I thought what if we take these photos couple of days before. Luckily bride and groom was happy with this change. So one ordinary Monday we made this happen and had an amazing time with this cute wedding couple. Session was stressless, easygoing and loving. This young couple made that Monday of August perfect.

And it did rain on Wednesday.


Big thanks and lots of love for them. And huge credit for bride's mum organising this and being an excellent assistant.