Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon in Leederville.

Caitlin is doing her magic with a stunning make up. Model Holly, telling jokes and stories, us laughing our heads off. Nageena bringing absolutely beautiful bunches and bouquets of flowers. Caitlin's partner making us a cuppa. Me making notes for the shoot and maybe a shopping list.... I was also wandering around with my camera, being in everyone's way and documenting this all. I just love the 'making of' photos.

I originally had the idea for this shoot after new year, while having a holiday Down South. First thing was to ask Caitlin if she was on board. Being back in the city, and having this shoot in back of my head, I accidentally (lucky me) met Holly, and her hair. Next step was finding a florist which was more difficult task than I thought. Mainly because our date for the shoot was right after Valentines Day. Should have thought of that! But thanks to one of my colleague Rhianna, who let social media to know about her talented florist friend Nageena (Peter and Petals). She saved our shoot.

Of course it's a bit an effort to put all together and organise a styled shoot but it's totally worth it. Love how things fell into place. I'm incredible lucky to have these creative people around and be able do this work with them. This is the reason everyone should do more of their own projects!

More photos from the shoot coming soon!