Professional photography

The land of forests and lakes

Lots has happened since my last blog post. I did my trip to Finland where I worked over three months. I returned back to Perth a month ago with hard drive full of cool photos and great memories.

These photos on my screen are taking me back to Finland and Finnish summer. It probably wasn't the best by the weather. I heard Perth was cold and very wet, but Finland wasn't any less rainy, that's for sure. But had amazing time with my family and friends and met lovely couples and was able to be part of amazing Finnish weddings.

It did rain in every single wedding I did. But in each one of them we were able to take the shots we wanted. I think we were just lucky, well organised or my brides and grooms were cool enough not to care about little drizzle.

This wedding was special, because we took the wedding portraits few days before the actual wedding day. Bride had her trial hair and make up done during the day and we had the whole evening to do what ever we felt like. No rushed or stressed, just having good time. Bride did need gumboots and it was pretty windy, but we found so many wicked spots and were able to use, and what beautiful shots we got. Massive thanks to this awesome couple for being so happy to do what I asked, you guys were beautiful.

Now focusing on a new wedding season here in Aus, which started few weeks ago. Next summer in Finland is almost booked, so very excited and looking forward to work in this magnificent Finnish nature again.

Behind the Scenes

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday afternoon in Leederville.

Caitlin is doing her magic with a stunning make up. Model Holly, telling jokes and stories, us laughing our heads off. Nageena bringing absolutely beautiful bunches and bouquets of flowers. Caitlin's partner making us a cuppa. Me making notes for the shoot and maybe a shopping list.... I was also wandering around with my camera, being in everyone's way and documenting this all. I just love the 'making of' photos.

I originally had the idea for this shoot after new year, while having a holiday Down South. First thing was to ask Caitlin if she was on board. Being back in the city, and having this shoot in back of my head, I accidentally (lucky me) met Holly, and her hair. Next step was finding a florist which was more difficult task than I thought. Mainly because our date for the shoot was right after Valentines Day. Should have thought of that! But thanks to one of my colleague Rhianna, who let social media to know about her talented florist friend Nageena (Peter and Petals). She saved our shoot.

Of course it's a bit an effort to put all together and organise a styled shoot but it's totally worth it. Love how things fell into place. I'm incredible lucky to have these creative people around and be able do this work with them. This is the reason everyone should do more of their own projects!

More photos from the shoot coming soon!

Home made

When doing this for a living one of the best parts is being able to experience, and be part of, so many different weddings. This wedding was again one of a kind.

I went to check out this location a week before the wedding. Driving out to the Perth Hills was absolutely breathtaking, misty rain, beautiful forests..... the nature was just so different from the city. At the venue there was a lot going on. There were many people helping the couple to make everything ready for the party by cutting, sweeping, clearing, brushing and decorating. They had achieved so much already but there was still heaps to do. 

By the wedding day everything was accomplished. This couple have lovely people around them, who care about them and made their day perfect. This group had turned a huge back garden to a beautiful spot for the ceremony. They had cleaned and emptied a whole shed, turning it into an intimate space for their guests to have fun, party and enjoy the most beautiful, colourful and tastiest home made food I could ever have imagined. And yes, every single dish was home made. Pretty impressive.

Everything about this wedding was done by hand; giving this wedding a unique, incredibly personal and loving touch. And I think every single guest appreciated it. Thank you Katherine and Mark for a great wedding and letting me capture it all. I hope these photos tell the story of this very special day.

Cheesecake made of... well, cheese.

"You and me and our dearest family and friends. What else we'll need when we have each other?"

This all made perfectly sense one beautiful Sunday of spring. My friends, Maddie and Tas planned their wedding celebration for 30 people. Simple and intimate wedding with full of joy and laugh. No stress or hassle.

Ceremony was held in still blooming Kings Park followed by dinner in cozy restaurant Cantina 663. Enjoying beautiful food and flavours, share tapas plates and delicious wines. Of course, there may have been few wine specialists around. This generous couple made sure everyone was enjoying themselves and everyone of us sure did.

It was heartwarming to see how the family from other side of the country flew to be part of this wedding. Those beloved faces you won't be able to see every day, week or month, were there. That made this celebration very special.

I knew quite a lot of the wedding before hand after talking with Maddie. But I was blown away. Especially the cake, haven't had that kind of wedding cake before! Those little unique things and twists done by their own way, made wedding look like them.

I was honoured to be part of it and capturing this lovely day. Congratulations to Maddie and Tas. Much love and happiness for both of you and of course for Turkey.

Autumn, Finnish forests, a moss blanket and deer flies

During my four months in Finland I did lots of photoshoots of my own but I also worked for Kosken Kuvaamo, studio, where I used to work for many years before moving to Perth. It felt good to be back in that same and familiar work, felt like nothing has changed. We work together very well with my ex boss because we have so long and good history together. 

This photoshoot below is one of the shoots I did for Kosken Kuvaamo. This couple picked out the location themselves, and they did very well choosing this unique spot! There is looots of forest in Finland but this one was very specially. Especially the colour of moss and how it was untouched. Well, until we got there. 

Mood was great and relaxed, summer was turning into autumn but it was still warm enough. Only small problem was those flying nasties, deer flies. If someone doesn't know, these bastards crawl in your hair and drop their wings, a bit gross! I even found one in my scarf next morning when I was heading to another shoot! But being used to nature and all outdoor activities, this amazing couple were tough and didn't let these little flies disturb! I had so much fun with these two!

Now I have left Finland and come home, which is pretty exciting. I'm focusing for this upcoming season and preparing myself for the next summer. Actually I had a first swim in the ocean last Monday. No sharks spotted!

Tanja & Johannes

This is what we waited for whole year. This was the first reason why I decided to come to Finland for this summer. What an good and beautiful reason it was.

I arrived week before the wedding. During this week we had time to see locations and made last moment strategy and plan. 

Finnish weather can be quite unpredictable. Not often everything goes as planned, even you have thought about every single little thing. But how boring it would be if it did. No space for unexpected surprises!

Rain brings luck, right. This day gave Tanja and Johannes a heaps of that and I wish them lots of love and happiness in the future. I saw that sparkle and joy in their eyes on that day, so I won't be worried about lack of those things at all xxx