outdoor photoshoot

Home made

When doing this for a living one of the best parts is being able to experience, and be part of, so many different weddings. This wedding was again one of a kind.

I went to check out this location a week before the wedding. Driving out to the Perth Hills was absolutely breathtaking, misty rain, beautiful forests..... the nature was just so different from the city. At the venue there was a lot going on. There were many people helping the couple to make everything ready for the party by cutting, sweeping, clearing, brushing and decorating. They had achieved so much already but there was still heaps to do. 

By the wedding day everything was accomplished. This couple have lovely people around them, who care about them and made their day perfect. This group had turned a huge back garden to a beautiful spot for the ceremony. They had cleaned and emptied a whole shed, turning it into an intimate space for their guests to have fun, party and enjoy the most beautiful, colourful and tastiest home made food I could ever have imagined. And yes, every single dish was home made. Pretty impressive.

Everything about this wedding was done by hand; giving this wedding a unique, incredibly personal and loving touch. And I think every single guest appreciated it. Thank you Katherine and Mark for a great wedding and letting me capture it all. I hope these photos tell the story of this very special day.

All Your Gold

August is my favourite month of the year in Finland. There something sad about it, summer is ending. But yet so beautiful at the same time, it's like warm hug and gentle kiss goodbye. Soft light, faded colours and warm evenings. Perfect for the photoshoot.

This wedding photoshoot supposed to be on the day couple was getting married. Forecast for that day was a little bit unsure. So I thought what if we take these photos couple of days before. Luckily bride and groom was happy with this change. So one ordinary Monday we made this happen and had an amazing time with this cute wedding couple. Session was stressless, easygoing and loving. This young couple made that Monday of August perfect.

And it did rain on Wednesday.


Big thanks and lots of love for them. And huge credit for bride's mum organising this and being an excellent assistant.